We are a group of nobodies, selected by the will to do something, united by the aim to do it properly.

We believe that the current pre built genres-system in art is outdated, and that fighting against barrages should be the main goal of our and next generations. 

The most fertile and lively universes for us are the ones where the research for contamination is the main objective.

Walls and boundaries are useless and almost toxic. 

Our goals are: 

- giving a breath of fresh air to the contemporary scene, stuck into its old paradigms that don’t fully represent us.


- absolute freedom of thought, based on the possibility to express agreement or disagreement through debates, aimed at learning and constant growth. 

- to combine different types of mediums. 

- being entirely confident about the project itself and fully passionate about what we do, generating interest and passion through the way we act. 

- to prioritize collectivity and the creation of a scene. S.U.N. is made of different projects that MUST have equal importance and recognition by the members of the group itself. 

- to free the artists and audience from self imposed mental limits that make it impossible to see beyond our comfort zone. 

- to make the educational and the recreational purpose meet. 

- to be conscious about the existence of ready-made worlds, experimental and pop, academic and underground, and to coexist with them as a completely new micro-verse. 

- to contaminate and be contaminated. 

- being the blend between fruition and intellectualism.

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