Juan Fran Cabrera



Violin performance, improvisation, visual and sonic art.


Audiovisual approach. Combine aspect of the musical and visual world with improvisation as a main tool. Nowadays focusing in human feelings and different aspects of psychology.


     Juan Fran Cabrera plays the violin, prepared violin and flute. Furthermore, within his improvisational career, he includes music and visual composition, performance and sonic art. Cabrera’s versatility, interdisciplinarity, and interest in different music genres allow him to keep an active and broad artistic career not only within academic scopes but also in more underground arenas.


     Since the childhood, creativity has been a strong point in Cabrera's life. He started developing his painting skills at the age of 4, being since then in different schools, discovering the visual world. Later he got formation in other fields such as photography, graphic design and plastic arts, in which he has been working since then.

      Cabrera's interest for all kinds of art took him as well to the music world. As a musician, he has been learning always in music schools, but as well he was fully influenced by the culture which surrounded him, the Andalusian culture, the folk music of the southern Spain, the flamenco culture, etc. All together with his music education turned him into an open-minded musician and artist.       

     In 2016, he moved to Estonia, where he has been living since then, developing his career around the violin performance and improvisation, nowadays in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater. His work is focused on the research and exploration of new techniques in the instrument which, together with his creative interests, is introducing him into the composition world. You can find in Cabrera’s works many references to his interdisciplinarity and artistic personality, since these are not only sound based but also exploring the visual side, as well as strong psychological and theatrical aspects.

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