Music and audio-visual composition.


Edgar Pacheca Ruiz is from Alicante, Spain. He discovered his musical sensibility when playing the flute at school was giving goosebumps, and soon he began to play TV songs by ear. He learnt to play guitar in diverse styles with different professors until he finished his professional degree at the conservatory where he became passionate about ancient music, timber experimentation and the search for harmonic atmospheres. Since his teens he has participated as a guitar and piano performer in numerous bands of modern music playing pop, rock, reggae, funk, bossa-nova or jazz. The fascination on cinema and experimentation with photography and visual arts have led him to find his most personal expressive path in audiovisual art, having special interest in Multimedia art and Visual Music. He has composed music for classical solo instruments, chamber music groups, choral music and more recently he has immersed himself in electronic music and production.


Has been awarded in the first edition of the SOIS CULTURA contest in the category of “New Creators” (Alicante, Spain), selected as a finalist in the competition for audiovisual creation PROYECTA XIII (Valencia, Spain) and some of his audiovisual works have been screened at international festivals of Contemporary Music and Audiovisual art such as the "Estonian Music Days" (Tallinn, Estonia), the ''eviMUS 2018'' (Saarbrucken, Germany) or the “Sound / Image19” (Greenwich, UK).


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