Music: Percussion, slected objects and compostion.


Perception of rhyrhm, development of improvisation and aesthetics.


Andro Manzoni is percussionist, sound artist and composer born on island Krk in Croatia, at the age of 14 he moved to city Rijeka, where he started to act and collaborate through a wide range of art disciplines (poetry, dance, music and performance) with Croatian and foreign artists. Through his eight-year stay in Rijeka he completed his bachelor studies in electrical engineering science. In 2016 he went to Trieste (Italy) and entered the Conservatory of Music Giuseppe Tartini, where for the next three years he focused on music, especially rhythm development and improvisation. Currently he studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with the desire to upgrade his skills in composition in contemporary music. Over the past nearly 12 years, he worked on nearly 15 albums of which several were under a discographic label, ranging from punk and rock genre, to more recently, contemporary and experimental music.

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